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Hayes Realty Real Estate Podcast

Jun 30, 2020

We have had several listeners write us and ask how did we become foreclosure specialists. This episode will talk about how we at Hayes Realty became foreclosure specialists. Contact Hayes Realty at 800-217-0034.


Dr Jarret

EH3 Coffee

Jun 9, 2020

Moving on from foreclosure can free up other elements of your life that you didn't realize were shackled. This episode will focus on removing the weight of the world from your shoulders.

Contact Hayes Realty: 800-217-0034

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May 19, 2020

You should always maintain a monthly household budget to honestly evaluate if you can afford the mortgage. If you can't afford food, mortgage, utilities, transportation, and communication then the tough reality is that you can no longer afford your home. Tune in to see what to do when facing foreclosure.

May 6, 2020

When facing uncertainty on your home things can get stressful, stress can produce fear, and fear can result in poor decision making. This episode will guide you in the right direction so that you make an education decision.

Apr 28, 2020

When purchasing a home for the first time you need to understand the necessary steps to take in order to buy that home successfully.