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Hayes Realty Real Estate Podcast

Dec 1, 2020

When investing in real estate the most important and hardest thing to find is a "deal." Tune in today and find out how to find NODs(Notice of Defaults).

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Doctor Jarret

EH3 Coffee

Nov 10, 2020

As a real estate investor the sweet spot for finding deals is locating deals that are off market. Dealing directly with the homeowner is the best way to get a deal. Where do you find these off market properties? Tune in today to find out!

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Doctor Jarret

Nov 3, 2020

As a real estate investor you spend a lot of time trying to find a "deal." How do you know when to say "yes" to a deal? Tune in to this episode and learn when to say yes.

Oct 27, 2020

When homeowners experience hard times and reach out to the bank for a loan modification, as a homeowner you need to understand exactly what a loan mod is. People get frustrated with the bank for not approving them for a loan modification but there is always a reason why you didn't get approved. Find out what a...

Oct 13, 2020

When starting your journey into real estate investing there are several challenges that you will face initially. Tune in today to see how to overcome some of the challenges of an urban investor.